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Review CAD data and evaluate your agency’s processing time using a customizable dashboard.

The CAD Dashboard allows communication centers to consistently review their performance, enabling them to target resources, improve processing times, and provide the best possible service to their communities.

Using the dashboard, personnel can view the number of calls the center receives and track processing times. Users can also view incidents on a Google Map™ and customize the dashboard to display specific call natures, date ranges, as well as their agency’s name and badge.

CAD Dashboard helps managers better assign resources

CAD Dashboard helps managers better assign resources

CAD Dashboard Key Features

View Call Frequency

Command Solutions's CAD Dashboard allows you to view the nature and frequency of calls.

Your agency can also use the dashboard to see how many calls occurred per day or per hour and compare call frequency and processing time by week, month, quarter, or year.

Measure Efficiency

Using the dashboard, you can see how processing times compare to department standards or to national standards set by the Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials (APCO) and the National Emergency Number Association (NENA).

The dashboard enables you to see which dispatchers are meeting processing time standards, allowing your agency to adjust staffing or schedule additional training to increase employee effectiveness.

Customizable Agency Information

Customize the CAD Dashboard module to meet your dispatch center’s needs. The dashboard gives your agency complete control in determining what call natures are displayed and what date ranges are shown. You can also customize the appearance of the CAD Dashboard by adding your agency’s name and badge.

Call Mapping

The CAD Dashboard enables you to view calls on a Google Map, allowing you to quickly determine which areas of your jurisdiction are generating the most calls for service and emergency response.

CAD Dashboard Advantages

  1. View call nature and frequency
  2. Compare processing times to national standards
  3. Monitor dispatch efficiency and determine where to make adjustments in staffing or training
  4. Customize the dashboard with specific call natures, date ranges, and agency information
  5. See calls on Google Map

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